Convergent Associates is a representative firm connecting a diverse consortium of quality suppliers with our customers. Each of our principal partners is selected with careful attention to serving a specific need within our group.

Semiconductor/microelectronics component manufacturers anchor the product segment of our program. We actively monitor the performance of each vendor and relative customer satisfaction associated with each product line.

The significance of our program is demonstrated when one or more of our resources are a value to our clients. Our objective is to simplify and centralize the purchasing cycle. This gives us a deeper understanding of your real needs, resulting in an effective, tailored solution.

We are proudly dedicated to providing professionalism, quality, and flexibility to our clients – assisting in achieving optimal operating efficiency and profits. We recognize that responsiveness is the greatest priority when you are searching for a representative organization. It is with that sole focus that we exceed the high expectations of our clients. Thank you for visiting us online and we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you soon!



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